Company information


Şelale Mobilya Bilgisayar İnşaat Tur. Gıda Ith. İhr. San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. (Şelale İnşaat Ltd.)

Company management

Year of establishment of your company

Established in 1998

Stages of your company

Stages of your companyCem apartmanı 16 daire
2000-2002 Şelale16 flats
2002-2003 Şelale22 flats
2004-2005 Koz villa2 villa
2004-2005Mavi gök villaları2 villa
2004-2005 Tepe Apartmanları 22 daire
2005-2006 Şelale3 daire 45 daire
2006-2007 Trabzonspor daire12 daire
2006-2007 Trabzonspor kompleksi90 daire
2007Kadınlar Plaj Dairesi 16 daire
2007-2008 Şelale ikamet alanı48 daire
2010-2011 Trend rezidans66 daire
2012-2013 Trendyresidence16 daire
2012-2014 Prestigeresidence72 daire
2012-2014 Uygun Konut
2014Yazıcı apartmanı 8 daire, 3 dükkan
2014-2015 Trend royal1 112 daire
2014-2015Çarşı kamu banka binası
2015-2016 Trend royal2150 daire, 3 mağaza
2015-2016 Yazıcı apt 2 1 dubleks, 1 normal daire, 1 dükkan
2018Kraliyet dairesi 10 daire
2018-2020Cengiz bey sitesi 30 daire
2019-2020Koz Apt 6 mağazası8 ofis
2020-2021Sea City 12 villa
2020Hill Side Residence16 daire + HillSide villa
2020Zeytin Apartman 8 daire, 4 dükkan
2020-EcxlusiveMalikaneleri8 malikane
2020-Exclusive Sitesi 31 daire

Type of company

Construction, building, selling

Products of the company

Flats, apartments, villas, offices

Number of staff

Over 300


List of institutions for which quality certificates and approvals have been received, TSE

Waterfall Construction Ltd.’s aim is to create the highest standard of living spaces for our customers with new and modern projects.